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Welcome to the Innovative Approach…

Innovation evokes, new product, new technology most of us. However every new product or new technology may not be innovation and innovation does not limit just product developing department. Innovation is creative novelties which are creating difference, developing, diversifying, and strengthening at all process of our business.

EBITT, your reliable power at your fluid management…

We established EBITT on the concept of innovation. We aimed at becoming the quality as a standard at the field which water and other fluids taking apart in the other word whole of life. We accepted the innovation as a foundation for our all business processes.

We adopted management opinion instead of depending on power management opinion which focus on taking advantage by a group of our suppliers + EBITT team + our clients.

EBITT constituted a product range including the equipment demand of domestics, industrial facilities, service building and facilities, agricultural, irrigation, swimming pools, purification facilities and specific processes.

In this wide product range, there are innovative equipments and devices of some corporations which have proved international acceptance and have more then half century history, producing technology and system.

Further import, we transformed customer relations, “special to us” style with innovations.

EBITT, does not direct business life with considering numerical performance indicators yesterday and today. EBITT’s route towards future and tomorrows. There fore sustainability comes at the top of the EBITT’s unbending EBITT knows that customer keep the key of sustainability.

-true analysing and understanding demands and expectation of customer,
-requiring that foreseeing demands before actualize,
-supplying demand is not enough for real customer satisfaction,
-knows importance of creating value by supplying demand with expert support.
-makes innovation continuously by strengthening trust at the sales and after sales customer relations process.

EBITT wants to be your solution server with a fiduciary relation.

We believe, having differences and values to deserve that, logical enough to maintain your trust, dynamic and flexible enough to provide variable demands.



Full of competence in industrial & building service water management and fluid management


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