EN12845 Fire Pump Stations


Designation of EN12845 Fire Pump Stations

AUE 120 / 100 – EL 80-250/75 + DJ MV 708 AUE: One electric main pump + jockey
120: Rated Flow (m3/h)
100: Rated Pressure (Hm)

EL 80-250/75: Electric Driven Main Pump DJ MV 708: Jockey Pump Set

AU2E 90/80 EL 65-250/45 + EL 65-250/45 + DJ MV 708 AU2E: Two electrical main pump + jockey
90: Rated Flow (m3/h)
80: Rated Pressure (Hm)

EL 65-250/45: Electric Driven Main Pump
EL 65-250/45: Electric Driven Stand-by Pump DJ MV 708: Jockey Pump Set

AUD 230/100 EL 100-250/JU4H-NLK4 + DJ MV 708 AUD: One diesel driven main pump + jockey
230: Rated Flow (m3/h)
100: Rated Pressure (Hm)

EL 100-250/JU4H-NLK4: Diesel Engine Driven Main Pump DJ MV 708: Jockey Pump Set

AUED 120/90 EL 80-250/55 + EL 80-250/JU4H-NL14 + DJ MV 708 AUED: One electric + One diesel driven + jockey Pump Fire Pump Station 120: Rated Flow (m3/h) per main pump
90: Rated Pressure (Hm)
EL 80-250/55: Electric Driven main Pump
EL 80-250/JU4H-NL14: Diesel Engine Driven Main Pump
DJ MV 708: Jockey Pump Set


EN12845 Fire pump stations constructed for feeding water to automatic fire fighting systems and units with hydrants and sprinklers.
Units are composed of 1 or 2 main pumps and one jockey pump set with which the system pressure level can be maintained without having to start the main pump(s).


The pumps start operating after a fall in the pressure level in the fire extinguishing system.
The first pump to be triggered is the jockey pump in the station. If this pump cannot restore the pressure level, then the main pumps starts. When there is more than one main pump, the pumps start in cascade sequence with the starting pressure switches set at different pressure levels.

The pressure switches of the main pumps are used for automatic starting as the pumps must be stopped manually as per EN12845 standards.
The test loop or recirculation diaphragm allows for operation of the main pumps also when the delivery port is closed (with no consumption of water in the system), avoiding overheating of the water inside the pump body.

Weekly test system is included in fire pump stations.
The membrane type of expansion tank with the capacity of 24 liters-16 bar execution is being mounted in fire pump set for absorbtion of water hammer.


Ebitt EL series of main pumps are being used. Horizontal, end-suction, single staged centrifugal pumps are being used in fire pump station. Standard delivery is cast iron execution with mechanical sealing. Optionally bronze fitted execution or soft gland packing sealings are being used.

Couplings of main pumps are;

• Elastic couplings for electric driven sets (optionally spacer type couplings)

• Universal joints-cardan shafts for diesel driven sets.

Jockey Pumps are;

MV series: Vertical, multi-staged, stainless steel constructed off-line centrifugal pumps.
XVM series: Vertical, multi-staged, stainless steel constructed inline centrifugal pumps.

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