Fire Booster Set


Designation of Fire Booster Set

DOMOFIRE – EE – 90/80

EN 50-250/30 EN 50-250/30

DOMOFIRE – EEJ – 90/80

EN 50-250/30
EN 50-250/30 DOMO-J-MV 708/3

DOMOFIRE – ED – 90/80

EN 50-250/30
EN 50-250/EKM 380/29

DOMOFIRE – EDJ – 90/80

EN 50-250/30
EN 50-250/EKM 380/29 DOMO-J-MV 708/3

DOMOFIRE Domestic Type Fire Booster Set
EE: Electrical Main Pump + Electrical Stand-By Pump
ED: Electrical Main Pump + Diesel Driven Stand-By Pump
EEJ: Electrical Main Pump + Electrical Stand-By Pump + Jockey Pump EDJ: Electrical Main Pump + Diesel Driven Stand-By Pump + Jockey

90/80: Flow (m3/h) / Pressure (Hm): 90 m3/h / 80 m EN: EN733 Monoblock Centrifugal Pump
EL: EN733 Long-Coupled Centrifugal Pump DOMO-J: Domestic Type Jockey Pump Set


Domofire booster sets are constructed fo for feeding water and pressurization of fire cabinets, hydrants and sprinklers.

Delivery Scope

All pumps in Domofire sets are being mounted on a common baseplate complete with suction and discharge manifolds. Each pump has its own suction isolating valves and discharge closing valves, and check valves mounted on pump. Pressure switches for each pump, control panels and weekly timer system included. 8 lt / 16 bar absorber expansion tank mounted at discharge manifold.

• Diesel Control Panel

DOMOFIRE-D, Single battery and starter type built in alarms and warning, engine oil and temperature measurement, engine rpm display, engine hours counteri programmable parameters, MODBUS communication.

• Electric Control Panel

– Electric fire pump panel is used to control pump set according to pressure. – In automatic mode; when the pressure drops the pumps starts, when the

pressure reaches at cut-off valve, the pump stops.
– In manual mode, pump is being started and stopped with the button on the control panel.
– Waterproof panel casing, IP55.
– 380-400 VAC 3P+N+PE pwer supply.
– Motor protection circuit breakers included

Electric Motors

2 pole, 50 Hz, n=2900 rpm,
IEC standardized,
TEFC type
Three phase 230/400V -/+ 10%, 400/690V -/+10% F Isolation Class,

IP55 Protection Class IEC 60034 constructed

Diesel Engines

Direct injection, electric type starter panel, fuel tank, rechargable one battery, air or water cooled type of engines are being used.

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