• Recessed vortex impeller
• Double mechanical seal (upper: CA/CE, lower: SIC/SIC)
• Auto reset thermal protector (for 1 phase)
• Overheat, overload, phase failure protection (for 3 phase)
• 10 m HO7RN-F cable (1 ph. with plug)
• IP68 Protection, Insulation Class: B
• Maximum liquid temperature: 0-40 °C
• Maximum number of start-ups per hour: 20 ( at regular intervals)
• Maximum immersion depth: 10m
• Equipped with float switch as standard (for 1 ph.)
• Continuous duty (with submerged motor)
• GMV 75-100-150-200 standard version; a vertical, threaded outlet pump body
• GMV 520-530-855-875 models are square flanged with 90° elbow and hose adoptor.

GMV pump is designed for heavy-duty applications with soiled biological waste waters, sewage, rain waters for liquids which are compatible with the pump materials. They are suitable for both domestic and professional use.

It uses to pump drain water and ground water from installations in or around industrial plants, farms and buildings. They are also suitable for use in applications such as draining flooded areas (garages, cellars, basements, warehouses, parking lots) to transfer water between tanks, emptying ponds, decorative waterfalls, fountains and elevator pits.

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