• Fully made in stainless steel AISI 316
  • Vortex impeller
  • Double mechanical seal (Upper: CA/CE Lower: SIC/SIC)
  • Auto reset thermal protector (for 1 phase)
  • Overheat, Overload, phase failure protection (for 3 phase)
  • 10 m H07RN-F cable (1 phase with plug)
  • IP68 Protection class, insulation class H
  • Maximum liquid temperature: 0-40 °C
  • Maximum number of start-up per hour: 15 (at regular intervals)
  • Maximum immersion depth: 10 m
  • Equipped with float switch as standard (for 1 phase)
  • Continious duty (with submerged motor)
  • I-GMV 510 standard version a vertical thread outlet pump body
  • Other models are square flanged with 90 ̊ elbowAPPLICATIONS

    It is designed for heavy-duty applications with soiled biological waste waters, sewage, rain waters, for liquids which are compatible with the pump materials. They are suitable for both domestic and professional use.

    I-GMV submersible pumps are made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316 and ideal for pumping chemically corrosive waste water with solids up to Ø 45 mm. For model I-GMV 510 35 mm.

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