Technical specifications
• Ebitt SC series consists of centrifugal sewage and waste water pumps.
They are used for pumping muddy liquids like sewage and other solidwater mixtures, with high viscosity.
• For the vertical column pipe types 1500 mm and 1000 mm long standard pipes used. Required length can be adjusted between 1000 mm and 8000 mm by using standard parts.
• Axial trust force balanced by vanes located behind the impellers. In column pipe models trust force impeller and shaft weight balanced by oil or grease lubricated trust bearing fitted on base plate.
• In dry installed models Teflon packing or mechanical seals suitable for pumped fluid can be used.
• Pump impellers statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 class 6.3
• Direction of rotation of the pumps is clockwise seen from drive end..
• All pumps tested according to ISO 9906
• SC series pumps do not have suction ability, there must be positive pressure on suction side.

Fields of applications
• Domestic and industrial raw sewage water pumping
• Waste water handling plants
• Factory waste waters
• Pumping of fluid with high viscosity and suspensions.
• Pumping liquids in paint plants
• Pumping industrial and chemical waste water.
• Iron and steel industry
• Paper pulp cellulose plants
• Pumping of cooling water
• Draining, deterring

General details
• Suction flange sizes : DN 50 – DN 600
• Discharge flange sizes : DN 50 – DN 600
• Capacity : 10 – 3000 m3/h
• Discharge head : 5 – 60 m
• Operating temperature : – 10°C – + 75°C

Fluid types
• Unscreened sewage and other waste water types with high solids concentration Pumps are designed to tolerate large solids (Ø 30 Ø – 200 mm diameter) without clogging.
• Water with sand content. Maximum grain size (20 – 30 mm). Liquid, sand ratio can be maximum % 6. For higher sand concentration preventive provisions must be taken against wear.
• Maximum allowed fluid temperature is 40 °C
• Maximum allowed medium density is 1,2 gr/cm3 , maximum allowed medium viscosity is 1,5 x 10-6 m2/s. Measures must be taken to lower these values.

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