Approved Fire Pump Sets


The fire pump sets are being mounted and aligned with electric motor, and/or diesel engine on a common base plate. The fire pump package includes all pump fittings such as manometers, casing relief valve, and automatic air release valve (for split-case models) to be supplied with approved electric and/or diesel fire pump controller.

Our fire pump sets are being delivered as a package to be operated as for Plug&Run type.

Ebitt UL approved fire pumps are ideally developed and produced either for small flows or high flows through well-designed compact packages. Ebitt-N series-End-Suction Fire pumps have back pull out design for easy maintenance, self-venting center line discharge, and low NPSH requirements. The pump construction is ductile iron body, bronze fitted with packing. The shaft and sleeves are in AISI316 Stainless steel and be supported by thrust ball bearings, and radial roller bearing.

Ebitt-SCP series-Double Suction, split-casing pumps are in-line designed, space saving, easy maintenance horizontal type. Our split-case pumps are heavy-duty designed with replaceable wear rings and sleeves. Bearings are mounted and can be replaced without opening pump case. Each stuffing box is fitted with bronze gland and with a stuffing box extension to facilitate the packaging rings removal. The pump construction is ductile iron body, bronze fitted with packaging. The shaft and sleeves are in AISI316 stainless steel and be supported by heavy-duty ball bearings and roller bearing.

Electric Motor
Ebitt UL approved fire pump sets always have Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) type of electric motors. Our motors in our sets have UL Listings, IP55 protection class, and F insulation class. The voltages are in 50 Hz, 380 Volts and/or 415 Volts with Wye-Delta Starting type as in standard.

Diesel Engines
Ebitt fire pumps are being directly connected through flexible coupling to the diesel engines manufactured by Clarke. All our approved fire pumps are having UL Listed, FM Approved diesel engines with granted and guaranteed continuous power ratings. The diesel engines conform to the requirements of NFPA 20 and specifically approved for fire pump application and service.
Diesel engines operate at a rated speed not exceeding the above RPM and develop sufficient horsepower to drive the pump with reserve power. Internal Cooling System loop is included in our engine sets. The cooling water supply for the heat exchanger is from the discharge of the pump, taken off prior to the pump discharge valve. The pipe connection includes four manual shut-off valves (including by-pass line), two strainers, two pressure regulators, an approved and listed automatic solenoid valve, and a pressure gauge, piping and fittings are all fitted to the diesel engine as per NFPA 20 by Ebitt.

One set of double heavy duty lead acid batteries are being supplied by Ebitt mounted on the common baseplate of our engine-pump set complete with battery cables.

The fuel tank is produced and supplied by Ebitt according to NFPA 20 recommendations complete with fill pipe, cap and level gauge to be delivered separately from pump-set with legs for floor mounting.

Minimum Fittings
All Ebitt fire pumps are being supplied with suction and discharge gauges, air release valve mounted on pumps. Our electric driven pump sets are also having casing relief valves mounted on our pumps.

Ebitt fire pumps are being hydrostatically tested to a pressure recommended by UL. The fire pump is subjected to a performance test at a rated speed. Our pumpsfurnish not lessthan 150% of rated capacity at a pressure not less than 65% of rated head. The shut-off head is not exceeding 140% of rated head. Ebitt certified test curve is being supplied with the pump

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