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WDRIVE device controller is specially designed for HVAC applications and water circulation to realize constant pressure differential control, constant temperature differential control and constant pressure and constant temperature controls.

It can confirm the system to adapt to the change of a HVAC circuit load with the advantage of rapid reaction, little influencing on temperature and humidity, ensuring the balance of the system, efficient energy saving.

Input Power Range

  • Single phase 220 V: 0,75~2,2 kw
  • Three phase 220 V: 3,7~7,5 kw
  • Three phase 380 V: 0,75~15 kw

    Output Power Range

  • Single phase 0~220 V: 0,75~2,2 kw
  • Three phase 0~220: 3,7~7,5 kw
  • Three phase 0~380 V: 0,75~15 kw


  • Constant water pressure
  • Constant pressure differential
  • Constant temperature differential
  • Constant temperature


–  Optimizes pump performance

–  Soft start, low motor, start current

–  Relay output: 2 outputs

–  Running automatically when power on

–  Programmable analogue input:

AI1: 0~10V or 0~20 mA

AI2: 0~10V or 0~20 mA

–  Multi-pump Control: can realize 1 master and 5 slaves combine work at most.

–  Constant differential pressure control: PID control based on the feedback source of AI1-AI2.

–  Alternate running balance every pump’s running time and so prolongs service life of the pump.

–  Different fault alarms functions: high pressure, low pressure, low level, transducer error, etc. and as 22 kinds of protection functions like over current, over voltage low voltage, phase failure, over load, etc.

–  Sleep Function: Sleep down when have no water consumption, to earn a better energy saving

–  Freeze-proofing function: Suitable to low temperature are prevent pump from freezing

–  Two running mode: Synchronous control mode and master-slave control mode.

WDRIVE controller is equipped with an easy to use LCD display and is completely designed and built for controlling pump systems.

IP54 protection class is standard and Mounting Bracket included.

Stop running automatically when no water consumption and alarm automatically when faults occur.

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