We are all aware of the word Eco-friendly, it is a global subject for every human being, involved with too many fields. Though each of us is a single party, we still can do our little actions to contribute our own effort, making a small step further to serve a responsibility to our earth and by that it means keeping it safe and protecting our environment.

Like our living surroundings, community, our city, some large particles in wastewaters, or fibrous matters are often unavoidable and lead to clogging of the pipes, thus cause the unnecessary troubles for our daily life, and lead to the second pollutions to our living space.

AQUASTRONG WQ-T/QG Submersible Sewage Pump with Cutting System, which is made of castings and equipped with cutting mechanism, is heavy-duty design, used to drain sewage and wastewater from buildings, kitchens, and water treatment facilities of factories and commercial complexes, cutting foreign objects during suction,enabIe smooth pumping.

AQUASTRONG WQ-T/QG Submersible Sewage Pump with Cutting System comes in a wide product lineup, covering discharge bore diameters of 50 and 80 mm and motor outputs of 0.75KW to 4KW.

AQUASTRONG WQ-T/QG Submersible Sewage Pump with Cutting System is available as highly-durable standard, stainless steel welded shaft and high-chromium cutting set as defaut feature. All models can be used in combination with a guide rail fitting device that enables easy installation and maintenance.

Furthermore, durability and wear resistance have been thoroughly considered in its design, so these pumps enable continuous duty over long periods of time.

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