Close-coupled, single-impeller, centrifugal pumps; electric motor
connected to the pump by rigid coupling.
Pump casing with suction and delivery connections with the same
diameter and on the same axis (in-line).
Main dimensions of casing complies with EN733.
These pumps are directly coupled to electric motors that comply with IEC
frames and VOL norms.
Connections: Flanges PN 16, EN 1092-2.
For clean liquids, without abrasives, which are non-aggressive for the
pump materials (contents of solids up to 0.2%).
For heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation plants.
For civil and industrial applications.
For water supply and fire fighting systems.
Operating conditions
Liquid temperature from -10 °C to + 110 °C.
Ambient temperature up to 40 °C.
Total suction lift up to 7 m.
Maximum permissible working pressure up to 10/16 bar.
Continuous duty.
4-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n = 1450 rpm).
NRC4: three-phase 230/400 V or 400/660 V ± 10%.
2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n = 2900 rpm).
NRC: three-phase 230/400 V or 400/660 V ± 10%.
Insulation class F. Protection IP 54. Constructed in accordance with IEC
Special features on request
– Other voltages.
– Protection ıP 55.
– Eff.-1 class electric motor.
– Special mechanical seal.
– Special material combinations for different applications.
(e.g. bronze or AISI304 – 316 stainless steel.)
– CERAM-X coating of hydraulic parts for chemically agressive or
mechanically abrasive fluids, especially sea water.
– Higher or lower liquid or ambient temperatures.
Component Material
Pump casing Cast iron GJL 250 EN 1561
Lantern bracket Cast iron GJL 250 EN 1561
Impeller Cast iron GJL 250 EN 1561
Shaft Chrome steel AISI 420
Mechanical seal Carbon – Ceramic – NBR

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